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As a full-service, women-owned marketing and creative agency, we believe no goal is too big or tactic too small when it comes to telling a brand story. If you can dream it, we’ll help you achieve it through our wide array of services.


Think of your brand as your company’s personality. Things like your logo, colors, tonality, and fonts, work together to establish a cohesive vision. Your marketing should successfully portray that vision so the world sees your brand the same way you see it. We’ll learn everything we can about your business, as well as your goals, objectives and your competitive landscape. Then, we’ll collaborate on a tailored brand strategy that will get your brand the best results.



We consult with businesses of all shapes and sizes to capture a high-level view of what they need most from a marketing and branding perspective. From regular meetings with your C-suite to supplying a fractional Chief Marketing Officer, our team can help devise your business strategy, create and track key performance indicators, create a branding plan for new product launches, identify the marketing tactics you need to grow your brand and build deeper customer relationships, and much more.

Digital Marketing & Advertising

Digital marketing can increase brand awareness by as much as 80%, which is why most companies dedicate a large portion of their marketing budgets to it. From pay-per-click advertising and geo-fencing, to email marketing and AI, our digital marketing playbook can generate brand awareness, boost lead generation and help you engage with your audience at every step of the buyer’s journey.


Content Marketing

The more you can educate, engage and inspire your audience, the more likely it is they’ll form a bond with your brand. That’s where content marketing comes in. Strong, original content in the form of podcasts, white papers, press releases, articles, case studies, etc., are proven to generate leads, increase website traffic and grow your business. We’ll work closely with you to build a unique content strategy that makes sense for your business and your budget.

Social Media Management

Marketing is all about finding your audience and building connections with it, and the biggest audience you can find is on social media (almost 4 billion people!). We help clients across the country get the most ROI out of social media marketing through paid and organic social media strategy and management. There’s never been a better time for your brand to be on social, and the sky’s the limit when it comes to building your following on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.

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Web Design & Development

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so your website needs to be the best possible representation of your business. Building a website should be fun, exciting and collaborative, and that’s why we don’t build our sites in a silo. We want you to be involved in the process, and we’ll use your brand attributes and guidelines to create a website design and copy that fully capture what your brand is all about. We also include SEO/keyword research and optimization as part of our design process, and we have a dedicated WP Engine server on which we maintain hosting and security.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Now more than ever, your website’s visibility is the key to attracting and retaining customers. SEO is the foundation of that visibility, ensuring your brand not only gets noticed, but also ranks prominently on search engine results pages. At Brand825, we know that a well-optimized website is crucial for drawing in your target audience and establishing your brand as a leader in your industry. Through meticulous research into keywords, metadata and website performance, we craft SEO strategies that are tailored to your brand’s unique needs. Our approach involves a deep dive into your competitive landscape, identifying opportunities to elevate your online presence. We optimize every facet of your website—from content relevancy to site speed—ensuring it attracts, engages and converts your ideal customers. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your brand online, making it easier for customers to discover and connect with your business.


Creative & Graphic Design

If you want your brand to make an immediate impact with consumers, it has to look good. That’s why graphic design should be the lifeblood of your brand identity. With a visually striking logo, print ad, direct mail piece, brochure, etc., you can clearly convey the story of your brand and the message behind your products and services. We love working with clients to bring their visions and ideas to life.

Video Production

Creating videos checks a lot of marketing boxes because there are so many different ways you can use them, from bumping up SEO on your website to spreading brand awareness on social media. Because of this, the ROI you get from video production is substantial. If your brand isn’t taking full advantage of videos, we can help you get started.

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Event Marketing

Whether it’s a trade show booth or activation at a national conference, events help your brand establish personal connections with your target audience, as well as potential partners, sponsors, etc. Our team can help you create everything you need to ensure your event is remarkable and memorable, including the event app, signage, email marketing, etc.

Media Strategy & Placement

It’s one thing to create a great-looking billboard or a compelling Spotify ad, but it’s a completely different ball of wax getting your content placed in the media. We are happy to help our clients develop and execute media strategies of all sizes—including placement, management and invoicing for media buys—that include a variety of tactics, including TV, radio, out-of-home, streaming audio and video, geo-fencing, and much more.


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