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What They Needed

Vaco is a global talent solutions and business consulting firm serving businesses and job seekers across multiple industries and specialties. Leaders from Vaco’s marketing team reached out and asked us to write blog posts and webinar recaps to support content creation efforts for Vaco, as well as Pivot Point Consulting, a Vaco company.

What We Delivered

We hit the ground running right away for Vaco, writing recaps for webinars covering topics like tech enablement and the post-COVID economy. Simultaneously, we also wrote detailed pieces for Pivot Point Consulting, which enables healthcare organizations to realize the most value from their technology. Their content is quite technical in nature, and written for a completely different audience than Vaco. Despite the potential for a steep learning curve, our content team quickly became versed in both Vaco and Pivot Point’s product offerings so that we could deliver content whenever our client needed it.

The Result

Not only did we enjoy collaborating with Vaco leadership to create a strong collection of informative content, but it was important to us that Vaco viewed us as an extension of their marketing team and a dependable partner.

Vaco Blog
Vaco Blog

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