Revolutionizing fleet management with innovative payment solutions.

What They Needed

QuikQ has been a trailblazer in the transportation industry since 2009, driven by a mission to overhaul the fleet payment landscape with efficiency, affordability and customer-centricity at its core. With the ushering in of a new leadership team, QuikQ recognized the critical role of a unified branding and marketing strategy in amplifying their vision. They approached Brand825 with the ambition to start fresh, aiming to develop a cohesive brand identity that would not only encapsulate their innovative spirit but also foster brand awareness, lead generation and establish thought leadership within the industry.

What We Delivered

Brand825 embraced QuikQ’s vision, initiating the transformation with a comprehensive branding workshop that engaged both leadership and upper management. This collaborative effort laid the groundwork for a uniquely tailored marketing strategy, meticulously crafted from the ground up to address QuikQ’s multifaceted goals. Our approach was holistic, encompassing branding, web design and development, creative and graphic design, and much more to elevate QuikQ’s brand presence across all platforms.

The Result

The culmination of our endeavors has been the launch of a new website that perfectly embodies QuikQ’s brand, offering a dynamic showcase of their innovative payment solutions. Additionally, our strategic marketing campaigns have delivered impactful results, from targeted email blasts and digital advertisements in industry-specific publications to a robust presence on both organic and paid social media channels. Our refreshed sales materials and engaging content marketing efforts, including press releases and article contributions, have further solidified QuikQ’s reputation as a forward-thinking leader in the fleet management space. Through these concerted efforts, QuikQ has reinforced its commitment to transforming the transportation industry, ensuring their solutions remain at the forefront of innovation, convenience and security.

QuikQ Website

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