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What They Needed

CU*SOUTH, a credit union-owned Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO), is dedicated to fostering the growth and strength of credit unions through its innovative and comprehensive services. Despite having a solid foundation and a clear mission, CU*SOUTH faced challenges in scaling their brand awareness, lead generation and thought leadership due to limited internal marketing resources. To bridge this gap and harness the full potential of their offerings, CU*SOUTH enlisted Brand825 as their comprehensive marketing team, aiming to drive their initiatives forward with expertise and strategic insight.

What We Delivered

Brand825 took a holistic approach to CU*SOUTH’s marketing challenges, starting from the ground up with a robust marketing strategy that aligned with their mission and market position. Our collaboration spanned across a spectrum of services including marketing strategy development, organic and paid social media, digital marketing efforts, streaming audio campaigns, print advertising, tradeshow booth design, email marketing, and event marketing, which encompassed the Visionary conference website and logo design. Each element of the strategy was carefully crafted, and we worked closely with CU*SOUTH’s leadership to ensure each marketing avenue was meticulously planned and executed.

The Result

Through Brand825’s strategic and creative efforts, CU*SOUTH is now equipped with a dynamic and comprehensive strategy to propel the company into its next phase of growth. While building brand awareness is a gradual process, the initiatives set forth by Brand825 have laid the groundwork for tangible results and innovation within CU*SOUTH’s marketing efforts. The specific marketing initiatives, many of which were unprecedented in CU*SOUTH’s history, underscore Brand825’s commitment to customizing our services to meet the unique needs and aspirations of our clients. Within the first year:

  • Email marketing campaigns: 27% open rate
  • LinkedIn organic engagement rate: 9.4% (industry benchmark: 6%)
  • Facebook organic engagement rate: 11% (industry benchmark: 1%)
  • Google Search clickthrough rate: 3.2% (industry benchmark: 2.9%)

Let’s Work Together


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