The Berry

Establishing a beautiful, accessible studio space in historic Nashville district.

What They Needed

Entering the vibrant and competitive landscape of Nashville, known for its state-of-the-art recording studios, photography studios and creative spaces, The Berry emerged as a fresh studio space with a vision to stand out. To carve its niche in a bustling creative hub, The Berry sought to build a brand that resonated with the quality and professionalism of its nearly 2,000-square-foot soundproof studio space. Recognizing the need for a strong brand identity to navigate the competitive waters of Nashville’s creative industry, The Berry turned to Brand825 for expertise in branding and market introduction.

What We Delivered

Brand825 stepped in to craft a cohesive brand identity that would make The Berry instantly recognizable and memorable. We kicked off by designing a new website that mirrors the studio’s vibrancy and professional ethos, accompanied by a fresh identity logo that encapsulates The Berry’s essence. Beyond digital, we extended the brand’s reach through digital marketing campaigns, business cards and email signatures, ensuring every point of contact with The Berry reflected the new, unified brand identity. This holistic approach was pivotal in establishing a cohesive brand presence that could make a strong first impression in Nashville’s competitive creative market.

The Result

Our comprehensive branding strategy laid the groundwork for The Berry’s successful market entry. The new website, logo and branding materials not only unified the brand’s identity but also positioned The Berry as a premier destination for photography and videography in Nashville. We also ran a successful Google Search campaign that garnered:

  • 15% clickthrough rate (the industry average is around 5%) and a 4% conversion rate.This strategic foundation has enabled The Berry to begin its journey on the right foot, with a brand identity that resonates with its target audience and stands out in Nashville’s creative scene
The Berry Logo
The Berry Business Card
The Berry Business Card
The Berry Email Signature

Let’s Work Together


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