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What They Needed

Operating within the fiercely competitive fintech landscape, Vergent was interested in flexible marketing strategies that would set itself apart from the competition. The company aimed to enhance its online visibility and reach potential clients more effectively by optimizing its existing content-rich website for search engines and leveraging targeted digital marketing tactics to capture the attention of key decision-makers in the industry.

What We Delivered

Understanding Vergent’s goals, Brand825 initiated a strategic overhaul of Vergent’s SEO and digital marketing approaches. Starting with the website, our team focused on enhancing its SEO framework without compromising the site’s aesthetic and informational value. This included streamlining navigation, enriching the site with relevant metadata, improving load times, and boosting overall readability. We also conducted a comprehensive keyword analysis to expand Vergent’s use of primary and secondary keywords, alongside a competitive keyword audit to identify opportunities for better search engine rankings against rivals. Moreover, we initiated a precise Google Search campaign specifically designed to showcase the transformative potential of Vergent LMS.

The Result

Vergent swiftly adopted our SEO recommendations, optimizing existing content with strategic new keywords to enhance search visibility almost immediately. This approach provided Vergent with a solid blueprint for crafting future content that aligns with SEO best practices, ensuring sustained improvements in search rankings. The Google Search campaign also yielded impressive results:

  • 9% clickthrough rate (industry average: 5%)
  • $1.10 cost per click (industry average: $5.47)
  • 24% conversion rate (industry average: 5%)

Through these efforts, Vergent has not only improved its digital footprint but has also laid a robust foundation for continuous growth and engagement within the competitive fintech space.


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