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What They Needed

Nestled in the heart of Florida, Identifi has carved out its niche as an innovative fintech company, offering robust solutions to organize documents, streamline business processes, enable electronic signatures and harness analytics. Catering to banks, credit unions and fellow fintech entities across the nation, Identifi sought to amplify its operational efficiency and revenue generation capabilities. The leadership at Identifi identified a pivotal moment to elevate their marketing game plan, particularly in the realms of social media and content marketing, to bolster their market presence and engagement.

What We Delivered

In partnership with Identifi’s leadership, Brand825 devised a holistic marketing strategy aimed at enhancing Identifi’s digital footprint. A significant focus was placed on expanding their LinkedIn influence to foster community and engagement within the professional network. Our collaborative journey included in-depth interviews with Identifi’s clients, leading to the creation of compelling case studies that spotlight the tangible benefits of their offerings. We also executed targeted email nurture campaigns to highlight Identifi’s contributions at major national conferences and launched ad placements to spotlight their innovative sales automation solutions. In addition to these strategic endeavors, we launched several new landing pages linked directly to our digital marketing initiatives and led a strategic redesign of some of the most visited pages on their website, ensuring a cohesive and user-friendly online experience.

The Result

We saw instant results from digital marketing. Within the inaugural month of the ad campaign:

  • 167,000 impressions
  • 700 clicks
  • Cost per click: $1.62 (significantly lower than the industry standard of $8)

This marked a significant milestone in Identifi’s marketing journey, showcasing the effectiveness of our tailored strategies in not only enhancing their digital visibility but also in driving engagement and conversions at an optimized cost. The additional steps of creating strategic landing pages and refreshing key sections of their website further solidified Identifi’s online presence, offering streamlined pathways for prospects to engage with their innovative fintech solutions.

Identifi Website
Identifi LinkedIn Collage
Identifi LinkedIn Collage
Identifi Signage
Identifi Case Study

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