Elevate Wellness Arkansas

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What They Needed

Elevate Wellness Arkansas blends the best in conventional treatment and alternative medicine to provide the highest quality care—based on their patients’ specific needs. As they were preparing to open a new location, Elevate asked us to revamp their website to match and accentuate the excitement of the new office along with their comprehensive medical services. In addition, we used multiple tactics to promote their grand opening event, including a landing page, digital ads, a print ad in the local paper, and Spotify ads.

What We Delivered

Combining the tranquil colors from their logo and photography and images that illustrate a sense of calmness, we delivered a website that greatly improved upon the navigation of their former site, as well as significant SEO improvements and an improved system for scheduling appointments. The landing page was designed to look like an extension of the new website, and copy for the ads were in line with the revised tonality of the new web copy.

The Result

It was a total team effort to deliver a website that exceed Elevate’s expectations, and we enjoyed the opportunity to work closely with a client in the healthcare industry.

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Elevate Website

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