WAP Sustainability

A leading catalyst in the world of corporate sustainability.

What They Needed

WAP Sustainability, known for their outsourced sustainability department model, required an infusion of creative energy and technical insight for the launch of a new product platform. They needed comprehensive creative and graphic design services to cultivate a distinct product identity, complete with brand guidelines and UI/UX design recommendations that align with their sustainability mission. Additionally, the ambition to craft overview and intro videos for this new platform called for a blend of storytelling prowess and technical expertise to accurately convey WAP Sustainability’s value proposition and dedication to environmental impact.

What We Delivered

Brand825 led a discovery and analysis phase to fully grasp the essence of WAP Sustainability’s new product platform and its underlying requirements. This foundational work paved the way for the creation of a cohesive brand identity that speaks to the heart of sustainability, incorporating a tailored color palette, logo design, Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) template design, and comprehensive brand guidelines. Our commitment extended to the realm of video production, where we helped create the scripts and produced multiple versions of overview and intro videos.

The Result

The new product platform seamlessly integrated with their existing web presence and reinforced their position as leaders in the sustainability sector. The carefully crafted videos serve as engaging entry points into WAP Sustainability’s mission and services, complementing their existing materials and enhancing their market presence. This successful product launch underscores Brand825’s ability to blend creative vision with strategic execution, delivering results that resonate with the target audience and amplify WAP Sustainability’s impact on the global environment.

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