Marr Traffic

Pioneering precision in traffic data collection.

What They Needed

Marr Traffic, renowned for being a leading traffic data collection partner in the Southeast, sought to elevate their presence within an aggressive trade show circuit. With a mission to deliver accurate traffic data promptly, they aimed to revamp their trade show banners and brochures to mirror the robustness and reliability of their brand. The goal was to enhance their marketing materials with dynamic graphics and colors that resonate with their core values. Additionally, Marr Traffic recognized the importance of digital marketing in reaching new markets across the Southeast and sought a revitalization of their PowerPoint template to invigorate their sales presentations, aligning with their expansion goals.

What We Delivered

Working closely with the Marr Traffic leadership team, Brand825 rode a wave of creativity to produce invigorating trade show materials. With eye-catching banners, informative brochures, and a unique promotional strategy involving custom candy bars distributed at shows, we added a touch of excitement and memorability to their brand presence. In addition to the physical refinements, we deployed targeted ads on LinkedIn designed to showcase the value and benefits of Marr Traffic’s comprehensive services to a professional audience. This multifaceted approach was tailored to not only attract attention but also articulate Marr Traffic’s commitment to accuracy and timeliness in traffic data collection.

The Result

Marr Traffic now has an arsenal of branded materials that encapsulate their dedication to being the most dependable traffic data collection partner in the Southeast. These materials, alongside the innovative use of digital marketing strategies, have bolstered Marr Traffic’s brand, ensuring their message of reliable, on-time data delivery is heard loud and clear across the industry.


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