F-15 Division of the Fighters and Advanced Aircraft Directorate

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What They Needed

The F-15 Division of the Fighters and Advanced Aircraft Directorate organizes the crucial F-15 Technical Coordination Program (TCP) Worldwide Review (WWR), an annual gathering that unites six foreign partners—Israel, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Qatar—with the United States Air Force and industry stakeholders. This unique event facilitates discussions on the F-15 platform’s issues, improvements and modifications. The division faced the challenge of creating an event website that not only streamlined registration processes for attendees and sponsors, but also provided a comprehensive and accessible platform for event information and agendas. A seamless, user-friendly and informative website was essential to support the event’s collaborative and international spirit.

What We Delivered

Brand825 worked closely with the dedicated staff of the F-15 Division to develop an event website that exceeded expectations. Our team focused on creating a cohesive, intuitive and aesthetically pleasing online hub for the WWR. This involved implementing a straightforward registration system for both attendees and sponsors, organizing the event agenda in a user-friendly format, and ensuring all essential information was easily accessible. The collaborative process with the F-15 staff was key to tailoring the website to meet the specific needs and goals of the WWR, resulting in a platform that truly represented the division’s commitment to excellence and collaboration.

The Result

The new WWR event website has become a cornerstone for the annual gathering, offering a dependable and efficient event website for the F-15 Division and its international partners. The website is a great illustration of the division’s impactful work and Brand825’s ability to deliver custom solutions that enhance the event experience, ensuring the WWR remains a key event for global collaboration on the F-15 platform.

F-15 Website

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