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Steering young adults toward independence and success.

What They Needed

CLE has been a beacon of support for young adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), NVLD, dyslexia, and other disabilities, offering a comprehensive suite of services to foster academic success, career readiness, and independent living since 1989. Despite their significant impact, the leadership team at CLE recognized a need to amplify their message to reach and assist more individuals who could benefit from their services. To achieve this, they sought to enhance their brand awareness through strategic content marketing, SEO, and digital marketing efforts, and Brand825 was chosen as the partner to lead these initiatives.

What We Delivered

Brand825 embarked on a mission to amplify CLE’s digital presence, starting with a complete rewrite of their website content. Our team conducted thorough SEO research to identify key opportunities for organic growth, integrating these insights with the website’s established tone—professional, yet welcoming and supportive. In addition to website optimization, we implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy tailored to the unique markets CLE serves across the country. One of our standout contributions has been the monthly newsletter, which showcases CLE’s thought leadership and highlights the remarkable journeys of its students, effectively communicating the profound impact of CLE’s programs.

The Result

Through our concerted efforts, CLE has seen a significant uptick in web traffic and has solidified its reputation as an industry thought leader on crucial educational topics. The tailored digital marketing campaigns have not only elevated CLE’s brand awareness across its various locations but have also doubled conversions in just six months. By leveraging the power of content marketing and strategic SEO, Brand825 has helped CLE extend its reach, ensuring that more young adults and their families are aware of and can access the vital support services CLE provides.

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